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A little bit about Us

While your away let your cat come and play.

Our cattery has 18 air conditioned bungalows (4 of which can be opened up to provide a double enclosure) great for those cats that like to spent some time each day with their family but maybe not the whole day.

Each glass and powder coated aluminum bungalow has a mezzanine for catching a few zzzz’s or just watching, a scratch pole and then the tiled ground floor provides ample space for my litter and food.

Inspections Welcome

We invite you to drop in and inspect our bungalows between the hours of 8:30am - 11:00am Sunday to Thursday. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Drop offs & Collection

Sunday to Thursday and Saturday mornings


Your Pets Visit – The Rules

1.     Vaccinations & Vaccination cards

All cats are required to be fully vaccinated. The original vaccination cards must be presented upon arrival (every time), before cats will be accepted for boarding.

So now you are asking what is fully vaccinated?

Rabies, Feline  Rhinotracheitis, Callicivirus & Panleukpnia. Commonly known as Tri-cat, Fel-o-vax. Primo vaccinations must be a least 21 days old

2.     Worming

Your cat should be regularly treated for worms. Upon arrival we will de-worm your pet, you are free to provide your own worming medication if you wish or purchase from us but the administration must take place upon arrival to boarding.

3.     Tick/Flea Treatment

Frontline® is a tick & flea preventative which we will apply to all our boarders, and which must be applied upon arrival (at the owners expense). It is a small pipette of liquid which is administered to the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat. Frontline® protects against fleas for 2 months and ticks 1 month.

4.     Diet/Food

Our standard Menu offers your pet Royal Canin Indoor 27, a premium quality dry food.   If your cat requires or demands an alternative diet please indicate on your admission form. 

If available in our store then this will be added to your bill and if not available from us we ask you supply the needed branded labeled with your cats name

We will attempt to maintain your cats normal feeding schedule as much as possible so please complete all forms.

Veterinary Care

If your cat requires Veterinary attention during his/her stay, Our own Veterinary surgeon will see to their needs . All Veterinary costs will be paid for by the owner.




50 AED per cat / per day
35 AED / per day for a second cat in the same bungalow.

No more than  two cats per cage.

That Special Treatment

Europets Cattery not only accommodates cats for owners who are away on holiday. We also offer accommodation for cats who are convalescing from non-infectious ailments.

Your cat may be recovering from a recent operation and does not require hospitalisation, but you do not have the facilities to keep them confined. You may not have the time or confidence to give regular medications or change dressings.

Europets Cattery is happy to offer this service at the same daily rate as our holiday guests


We accept payment by cash and card.

Cancellations and Alterations

1 Week notice is required on all cancellations and Alterations.

Bookings over Christmas, Easter, Summer & Ramadan

Refunds of deposits for cancellations will only be made if a minimum of 21 days notice is given.


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