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  • We have a state of the art radiography machine that allows us to evaluate bones, joints, heart, lungs and abdomen.

  • We have also switched to digital X-ray. This give superior image and faster developing times.


  • For examination of skin scrapes where we can look for parasites, bacteria and other inhabitants of your pet's skin that don't belong there.
  • Fecal exam to determine if there are worm eggs present.
  • For staining of fine needle biopsy to evaluate swellings or strange growths.


  • This allows us to look inside the stomach of the animal with a small camera


  • Allows us to examine the inside of the ears and eyes. The eyes are the window to the brain and proper examination can tell us a lot about any malfunctions of the central nervous system. Otitis or ear infection is a very common problem in companion animals and a good clinical assessment will allow us to differentiate between possible causes such as mites, fungus, bacteria or allergies.

  • Ear mite
    Tick, ringworm and ear mite.


  • In house urine testing
  • In-house FIV/FeLV testing
  • In-house Parvo/Distemper testing
  • In-house culture for bacterial/fungal infections
  • Biochemistry and cell count of blood
  • Rabies titers for export