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  • A microchip is a small electronic device that is inserted under your pet's skin. It hold a unique number that can be read with a special reader. Most veterinary clinics and airport authorities will have such a reader. The number can be registered on a online database where you can put in your contact details so incase your loved one gets lost and found we might be able to trace it back to you!

Aniworld Database:       

  • This is a new UAE based initiative that allows us to put your microchip number in a local database. It has the support of the Dubai municipality and most veterinary clinics in the UAE. You can have you existing microchip registered for a 100 Dhr. This will give you a lifelong membership. The registration has to be done through your vet, you will have to fill in a form and we will take care of the rest. Upon registration you will receive a password and log in ID so you can access and update you information whenever you want. For more information you can visit www.aniworldbase.com

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