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Who I am:

  • Hi, my name is Jim Bolssens. I'm a Belgian vet with special interest in companion animals. I've been living in Sharjah since March 2004 with my wife Liesbeth. I'm proud to say that since July 2005 we have a lovely daughter, Hannelore, and since August 2008 a second girl named Alexia. Both were born here in Dubai. My father is also a vet and since I was a kid I've always had a special interest in helping and curing animals in need. Although tender love and care is half of the work when it comes to sick pets, as a veterinarian I now am qualified to help them even better with a broad medical background.

How I got here:

  • After I graduated from Ghent University (Belgium),  I worked with my father, who is also a veterinarian, in his small animal clinic in Antwerp where I gained valuable and excellent experience in treating different domestic pets. When my wife, Liesbeth, who is also a veterinarian specializing in horses, was offered a position as a surgeon in Sharjah, we decided to take the challenge and start a new life in the sunny Emirates. Initially I worked in "The Veterinary Hospital" in Dubai where I worked for almost one year. Then I saw there was a real need for a veterinary clinic in Sharjah and so in May 2005 Europets Clinic opened for business.


  • September 2009 my lovely wife Liesbeth decided to join the Europets Clinic team and set up a branch for horses. She is fully equipped to do all medical treatments on the road, including dental, internal medicine, surgery and breeding. She has access to full bloods laboratory, X-ray, gastroscopy and ultrasound and will be more then happy to help you. For more info call 050/8606856.

Helping me:

  • In May 2006 Kamala joined the clinic to help us keep everything clean and giving a lot of love to your pets if they need to stay at the clinic. She is from Sri Lankan and has good experience with cats and dogs.

  • In May 2009 Kim joined our reception staff. She will be answering your phone calls and keeping records of your pet's health. She has owned cats and dogs throughout her life and is trained in HR.


  • Ajeed joined in May 2015 as a driver so we can now offer pick-up and delivery service. He also if from Sri Lanka but speaks English, Hindi and Arabic as well.


  • Vincent joined October 2010 and is a trained nurse from the Philippines. He will be doing reception in the afternoon and aid me in surgeries in the mornings.


  • Latta joined in 2012 and is helping Kamala keeping everything clean.


  • Tyke is also from the Philippines and joined in Januray 2016. He will be helping out at the front desk but is also responsible for the cattery. He is very passionate about animals and has a special interest in exotics.


  • Sofie joined March 2016 and she graduated from the veterinary faculty in Ghent, Belgium in 2013. As a farmers daughter, the love for animals came naturally. The past two years she worked as a veterinarian in Belgium and treated horses, cows, cats and dogs.   

Contact information:

  • Jim Bolssens, DVM
    Europets Clinic

PO Box 62472
Sharjah UAE
Tel:+971/50 8606857
Fax:+971/6 5228193
Email: info@epc.vet